Meet NEW SNYR x EQUA bottle

Rose gold EQUA bottle in collaboration with Susnyara

Rose gold has been making news this season - it is flirty and delicate with a luxury appeal. After seasons of silver and gold, we are upgrading this new bottle with pretty rose gold cap and bracelet - these accessories are elegant and minimalistic but make a great impact, don't you agree?

SNYR glass water bottle made in EU

After months of hard work, we are presenting a final look of the NEW SNYR x EQUA bottle, created in collaboration with renowned Slovenian fashion designer Nina Šušnjara. 
Rose gold is everywhere in the accessories scene lately and besides adding a rose gold cap, we also upgraded this bottle with a ROSE GOLD BRACELET.
SNYR and EQUA Rose gold water bottle with bracelet

How are you gonna wear it?

Adding everyone's favorite fashion accessory to the EQUA water bottle will be available this week! Leave your email and make sure to get exclusive access to a limited edition bottle.



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