Dear all,

As we are approaching not only the most wonderful time of the year, but also the new decade of EQUA we can't help it but to get a bit emotional (it's all tears of joy, no worries). What seems to be one of the toughest and most unpredictable years for all of us, has taught us a valuable lesson - in the most difficult times, it is the community that truly matters the most. We want you to know that we truly are beyond grateful for all the love and support you have given us in the past years!

For most of us, this December might feel different, less festive, and maybe even a bit lonely. If you are feeling this way, we want you to know that it's perfectly normal. In some way, we all feel like our most loved festivities are looking a bit different this year.
But still, it is important to remember that our loved ones may be out of reach but never out of touch. We may not be able to enjoy Christmas lights around the world but we can still bring them into our homes. We may not be able to attend all the best festive parties with our friends but there is nothing a lovely home-cooked meal, some gingerbread cookies, and spiced mole wine can't fix, right? 

If you are having trouble kicking in that XMAS spirit this season, you are in the right place. This December, more than ever, we are on a mission of bringing back holiday magic inside our homes and sharing the true joy of gift-giving with every single one of you. With our first and only - EQUA advent calendar.


During these holidays, no wish is left unfulfilled. We have prepared some jolly treats with our EQUA water bottles that, we hope, will sparkle up the joy inside you. Little hint: there are some magical XMAS gifts involved, awesome last-minute shopping options, and very merry surprises that everyone will adore. 
So mark your calendars on the dates shown in the picture above (if you take a good look, some hints are already revealed), and stay tuned for each and everyone on our Instagram.

And until then - make your wish list, cause the holly jolly is coming faster than you think!


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